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Anne-Laure AMILHAT SZARY (French)

(1971, Paris) Geographer whose research focuses on border dynamics, Anne-Laure Amilhat Szary (PhD. and former student of The Ecole Normale Supérieure) is Professor at the University of Grenoble-Alpes and member of the renowned “Institut Universitaire de France”. She directs the PACTE social sciences research lab and is one of the co-founders of the ‘ antiAtlas of […]


(Tenerife, Canaries, 1969) Writer, economist and Director General of the Service for Relations with Africa in the Canary Islands Government since 2007. To date, he is the author of four novels, the first Tú eres azul cobalto (You are Cobalt Blue), which has been widely published in Spain and Mexico. Several of his short stories […]

Mònica BATET

Her voice, cold and simple, poetic, arouses beautiful reading emotions. It serves the reflection and construction of universes that remind us of Agota Kristof. Mònica Batet’s books are eligible for TRANSLATION GRANTS from the RAMÓN LLULL INSTITUTE in Barcelona. (El Pont D’Armentera, Tarragona, 1976) Writer and professor of Catalan at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili […]

Óscar GUAL

˵Los novelistas de raza tienen esto : hacen, aunque no se lo propongan, metafísica profunda; esclarecen simbólicamente, partiendo incluso de los elementos más intrascendentes, los problemas clave de los hombres de su tiempo.” Vicente Luis Mora, Quimera. “Óscar Gual continues to nurture one of the most original worlds in Spanish literature today. On this occasion, his […]

Carlos BASSAS del REY (France only)

Agent : Alrevés editorial, Sophie Savary co-agent in France DASHIEL HAMMETT Prize in Girón 2019Tormo Negro Prize 2015 Prize for Black Novel Ciudad de Carmona 2012Plácido award for Best Black Genre Screenplay at the IX Manresa International Black Film Festival 2007 (Barcelona, 1974) Carlos Bassas works as a fortune teller, a task that he balances with […]

Miguel Angel MARTÍN (French only)

His elegant graphic style with a clear line associated with harsh, provocative, trashy scenarios, not hesitating to include pornography in his themes, characterizes his albums full of ironic and sarcastic humour. 2014 Best European Comic Book Award at Romics (Rome) 2007 Best album of the year by La Repubblica readers for Brian The Brain 2003 […]

Gilles DEL PAPPAS (French)

Great Price of Literature of Provence for his work as a whole (1949, Marseille), writer Born in the popular district of Racatti in Marseille and of Greek origin, Gilles Del Pappas was a photographer, film director and frequent traveller. He has been writing polars books for the past fifteen years, with 40 books published, including […]


“Detective Rafa Guerrero, the one in the novel, perhaps also my real friend Rafael Guerrero, turns out to be a man who no longer believes in anything and anyone. Although not enough to leave that world of adventure.” Juan Madrid 10th Wilkie Collins Award 2021 of the MAR publishing houseCrime Novel Award 2016 Editorial Circulo […]

Emmanuel PETIT (French)

ex-Footballer, TV and radio Columnist, Writer World Champion, European Champion, French Champion, English Champion (1970, Dieppe) Emmanuel Petit, who was selected 63 times for the French national team, ended his football career in 2004, after having been world champion and ultimate scorer in the France-Brazil final in 1998, European champion in 2000, French champion with […]

Art-mella (French)

(Lives in Pyrénées Orientales Country, France) Armella Leung is an artist, illustrator, animator, curious about life and its mysteries. Passionate about Self-Help, she shares her thoughts as and when her investigations and encounters in the form of comic strips. For many years, for this investigation in several volumes, Art- mella met with specialists in emotions, […]


“Proust Fiction has fun with other styles and genres, with no more respect, guided by the refreshing taste of unexpected beauty and scattered meaning”. Nils C. Ahl, Le Monde des Livres, 06/10/2011. (Almassora, Valencia, 1976. Lives in Barcelona)Considered one of the most talented writers of his generation, Robert Juan-Cantavella is also a French translator (notably […]

A few of Oh!Books agency’s authors

Agustín COMOTTO Agustín Comotto was born in Argentina but has spent half a lifetime travelling from one end of the planet to another. He writes to draw and he draws to write. Author and illustrator of numerous books, his graphic novel, Matricula 155, about the life of the anarchist Simon Radowinsky, has been published in […]


Túsquets Price 2014 for The machine of the Future (Barcelona, 1970) Juan Trejo graduated in Hispanic Philology from the University of Barcelona, he was a member of the editorial team of the magazine Lateral and co-director of the literary magazine Quimera from 2006 to 2009. At present he is a literary translator from English and […]

Arianna DAGNINO (English Canadian)

In the last thirty years Arianna Dagnino has built a diversified cultural and professional experience across many borders and four continents. She was born in Genoa, Italy, and studied in London, Moscow and Boston before starting her career in journalism and international reporting, which led her to spend five years in South Africa. She holds a […]

Gerard GUIX

49th Joaquim Ruyra Award for Youth Novel for A lighthouse at the end of the world , most important Youth’s literature prize in Catalonia (2022)Pin i Soler de Novel-la Award for Tot el que hauries de saber abans d’estimar-me (2011) Fundació Romea de Textos Teatrals Award for Genesi 3.0 (2006) Gerard Guix (Vic, 1975) is […]


Rabia Ahmed has lived here, there and everywhere, but now lives in Lahore (Pakistan). She is writer, translator and journalist. She has worked and written for newspapers, currently working freelance, writing for various magazines and newspapers, such as Pique, Express Tribune, Friday Times, The Dawn, Pakistan Today. She is the author of several stories for […]

A few of Crims.cats authors

Clandestina, col.lecció Below is a list of authors and at the bottom of the page some books from the catalogue for which rights are available. This list is not complete, of course, as it is still being compiled. Authors supported by the Ramón Llull Institute, Translation Grants Xavier Aliaga Journalist and writer (Madrid, 1970). […]


GREAT MASTER OF BLACK NOVELAuthor supported by the Ramón Llull Institute, translation grants Pepe Carvalho Prize from the BCNegra Festival (Barcelona, 2011) Dashiell Hammett Prize of the Semana negra de Gijón (three times winner) Deutsche Krimi Prize (Germany, 1993) National Prize for Children’s Literature (1987) and about TWENTY other awards (1949, Barcelona) Andreu Martín is […]

A few of Candaya’s authors The Candaya publishing house takes its name from that fantastic kingdom to which they go, mounted on Clavileño, Don Quixote and Sancho to end the evil spells of the giant Malambruno. With the same quixotic vocation and will, the publishing house Candaya pretends, from its modesty, to fight against those other spells, even more […]


MARIO VARGAS LLOSA V BIENNIAL NOVEL PRIZE, 2023 Mazatlán De Literatura Award (Mexico), 2023 Elena Poniatowska Iberoamerican Award (Mexico), 2017Xavier Villaurrutia Award (Mexico), 2017Antonin Artaud Award (France), 2009José María Arguedas Award (Casa de las Américas Novel Award), 2008 SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE “Toscana’s writing proves overall to be witty and disarming, alluding amusingly to Latin American […]


Author eligible for translation grants from the Balearic Islands (Zaragoza, 1969). Lives in Menorca. Dancer in her youth, writer, lecturer and great traveller. She has lived in countries such as Yemen, Uzbekistan, Japan, India and Iran (where she made a documentary), Sri Lanka… Patricia Almarcegui was a guest researcher at EHESS and the Sorbonne in […]

Fernando CLEMOT

Fernando Clemot works on memory as the work of a lifetime. He scrutinizes all its functions in order to give meaning. His narration is as personal and chiselled in his novels as it is in his short stories. Setenil Prize for the best book of short stories 2009 (1970, Barcelona) Fernando Clemot has published the […]

Gildas GIRODEAU (French)

His last three black novels were published by Au-delà du raisonnable, now disapeared. Peace more than Truth (2013) Antonia (2015) are available to be republished in french. Xangô (2018) has been republished by Horsain. Delta noir Prize 2015Virtual Prize of the detective novel 2012 (Collioure, 1953). In addition to writing since his youth, he had […]


Іvan Baidak (born in 1990) is a daring Ukrainian fiction writer whose debut novel Personally Me Personally for You (2013) became a national bestseller and garnered excellent critical reviews. His two short story collections, Role Plays (2014) and The Shadows of Our Dates (2017), topped bookstore bestseller lists. His latest novel A Man With My […]

Anaëlle Théry (French)

(Lives in Dordogne, South West of France) University-educated in Anthropology and History, children’s books writer, nursery gardener and field experimenter, she was trained in France in 2018 by Ernst Götsch in syntropic agroforestry after years of practice, learning and gardening. She is passionate about education, resilient adaptation to climate change and the search for a […]