Welcome to Syntropy!

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Welcome to Syntropy!

Anaëlle Théry

Terre vivante, april 2024, 21 x 29,7 cm. Practical Ecology, French

The first book in French on Syntropic Agriculture, emerging concept in France (and all over the world).
After Permaculture, the new revolution in your garden!
This book, based on the field experiments of Anaëlle Théry, a pioneer of syntropy in France, provides methods adapted to our latitudes, for vegetable gardening (from 50 m²), market gardening, fruit growing and wood production.

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Initiated by Ernst Götsch over 40 years ago in Brazil, syntropic agroforestry has only been tested for a few years in temperate climates. Syntropy comes from the Greek syntropia, meaning to go from the simple to the complex.

This first book in the world on Syntropic Agroforestry in a temperate climate is based on the double dimension of the fundamental principles of abundance and living organisms, and the results of field research.
It proposes a braiding of science, philosophy and history, as well as experimentation, observation and openings to new possibilities. All seasoned with musketeer mice, fables and turtle plantations!

On her land in the Dordogne, she has created no fewer than 25 areas designed to test highly productive plant combinations, while responding to the problems of the area: limiting watering and adapting to hot weather.

This practice is based on extremely dense and diversified associated crops, which follow one another over time: plants are sown and planted at the same time and will yield in 3 months (vegetables), 2 years (berries), 10 years (fruit trees), 15 years (firewood) or even 250 years (timber).

What is Syntropy?

  • Above all, it’s a paradigm shift, from which field practices flow. There are no ready-made recipes, but a deep understanding that “we are not the intelligent ones, we are part of an intelligent system” (Ernst Götsch).
  • It’s about rediscovering a just and beneficial place going towards the living.
  • It’s the succession in time and space of production and biomass; an agriculture of process: the more you plant, the richer the soil and the less you water.
  • It’s magical and exhilarating!

In syntropy, oak stands side by side with radish…
“Turtle”, “cat’s leap”, “disturbance”… the author details the techniques for planting a story whose predetermined scenario will lead to a vegetable jungle.
A revolution!

According to Anaëlle Théry, it’s essential to re-examine our ways of thinking, to unravel our beliefs, to get rid of our habits and learn: “the living is our teacher”.

Anaëlle Théry has been experimenting with syntropy on her 5,000 m² land for 6 years.

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Bienvenue en Syntropie !

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