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Director : Sophie SAVARY sophiesavary@sosavbooks.com

I created the agency in 2013 with the idea of opening a house where authors would feel at home. Looking for a first publishing house to publish their manuscripts, Selling their rights abroad, in other formats than paper, Managing these rights. This is what I do every day for the authors of the agency. And also work with them on their texts, help them when they have doubts and promote them when the book has found a home and is now available to readers.
8Because Spain is my adopted country, the agency represents mainly Iberian or Latin American Spanish speakers and Catalan speakers. French people as well, of course, and a few others, such as the authors of the publishing house Guernica editions in English-speaking Canada. In Spain, and particularly in Barcelona, I work with partners, agents with whom we form a beautiful network; I am proud to be their co-agent in France and to represent their catalogues or some of their authors. In order to enlarge the network, I also work with agents who represent my catalogue in England, Italy, Germany, and little by little in other countries. The rights of Manuela Carmena (ex-Mayor of Madrid) sold in France have made her known in this country and the novel by Gilles del Pappas and footballer Emmanuel Petit has been well received in their country. More than 80 books from the collection of Andreu Martín, the great master of the Barcelona detective novel, are now available in audiobooks. Several Spanish and Catalan novelists have taken their first steps in France : Gerard Guix, Juan Trejo, Fernando Clemot, Patricia Almarcegui. And with the Candaya’s Publishing house, latin american and spanish literature are spreading in several languages. Seguimos! Let’s go on!

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Sophie Savary
2 rue de l’imprimerie 34070 Montpellier FRANCE

Sophie Savary, Agency’s Founder and Director
Doctor from the Sorbonne University and Geography Graduate, I founded a bookshop in Montpellier (A Books’ Garden) after a first career in teaching and research in Geoliterature. From this first professional life, I have kept my relationship with Spain and in particular Barcelona, and of course with the academic world. From my experience as a bookseller, I learned everything (or almost everything…) about the professional world of books.

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