Massilia Dreams

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Massilia Dreams


Editions d’Avallon (réédition),  2024, (Librio, 2000; CLC édition, 2004), 94 p. FICTION, Crime Novel, French

One of the Best Sellers by Gilles del Pappas, Marseilles’ Crime and Adventure Novels Master.

Gilles del Pappas. Massilia Dreams, New edition in French by Editions d'Avallon.

Before a middle-aged woman claimed to have lost her jewels in Loule’s taxi, life was pretty quiet for him in Marseille, between errands by day and a tidy, resigned life with Lisa by night.
Why does a wealthy Englishman suddenly take a liking to him, and against a backdrop of shared passion for Elvis Presley, Billie Holiday and a few others, make him his official chauffeur?
Why does a beautiful Asian plant fall into his arms and make him lose his mind?
In this impeccable detective story, Gilles Del Pappas sets the wheels of a fearsome trap in motion, against a backdrop of heat and creeks.

Original Title Massilia Dreams

Rights sold :
Italian (Mesogea),

Territory of representation
World Wide

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