Gilles DEL PAPPAS (French)

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Gilles DEL PAPPAS (French)

Great Price of Literature of Provence for his work as a whole

(1949, Marseille), writer

Born in the popular district of Racatti in Marseille and of Greek origin, Gilles Del Pappas was a photographer, film director and frequent traveller. He has been writing polars books for the past fifteen years, with 40 books published, including his famous series of Constantine the Greek (the last episode of which (22) appeared in De Borée in 2018 and the next volume will be released in 2024). Three manuscripts of the series are available to be published for first release. He is now one of the acknowledged masters of the Marseille adventure criminal novel. He initiated a series of football criminal novels written in cooperation with Emmanuel Petit. The first volume entitled Last Tackle was published by Le Seuil (2019), the following by Ramsay (Dribble Assassin, 2021).

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Germany (Blanvalet), Italia (Misogea 2023, Unipapress 2022)
For Last Tackle writen with Emmanuel Petit : Turquia (2019)