Angels of Death

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Angels of Death


CRIMS.CAT (CLANDESTINA),  2023, 290 p. FICTION, Crime Novel, Catalan

Author supported by the Ramón Llull Institute, translation grants
After Women without Name and Suburbs of Paradise, Silvestre Vilaplana completes with Angels of Death the trilogy of detective Araceli Lavila, three crime novels with a strong social denunciation that have corruption and abuses of power as a background.

Death seems to have taken over the streets of the city: the bodies of those involved in a video showing the rape of a minor begin to appear, one after another, just as a serial killer, allegedly inspired by God, is preparing to execute a mission as macabre as it is lethal. So journalist Roger Casafont and ex-policeman Araceli Lavila, despite being ill and retired, will be immersed in a crime wave that will test their resistance.

Original Title
Àngels de la mort

Spanish sample available (translated by the author)

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World Wide

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