Quasi-poetic justice

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Quasi-poetic justice


CRIMS.CAT (CLANDESTINA),  2021, 380 p. FICTION, Thriller, Catalan

Author supported by the Ramón Llull Institute, translation grants

A wood, a park and a courthouse. What can these three places have in common? Well, more than you think, especially if we also take a look at the protagonists who move there. Because it’s hard to imagine the things that might unite a media philosopher, a respected judge woman, a young woman with no future, and a superb petty criminal. The rest is the anguish, the tension, the nervous eyes and the hands that turn pages, impatient…
Because don’t forget that justice is often much darker than injustice and, like everything in life, has multiple faces. So, you are about to enter a story full of murky situations, deception, suspicious characters, unexpected encounters, extreme passions…, you are about to see how each step taken leads directly to the abyss of ambiguity, to the extreme of feelings, to the earthquake of actions.
When you’re done, will you be able to look at justice with the same eyes again?

Original Title
Justícia quasi poètica

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World Wide

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