Vienna, 1912

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Vienna, 1912

Antoni ROCA

CRIMS.CAT (CLANDESTINA),  2023, 214 p. FICTION, Crime Novel, Catalan

Author supported by the Ramón Llull Institute, translation grants

X Agustí Vehí-Vila de Tiana Memorial Prize 2023

In 1912, Vienna was a seemingly quiet city, the center of a continental empire that has survived the uprisings of the nineteenth century. It has more than two million inhabitants and the Universal Exposition has given it an unquestionable prestige, seasoned with the waltzes of the Strauss, the sweetness of the sachertorte and the elegance of the dresses of moiré. But luxury and ostentation cannot hide the burning fire of latent conflicts and the city is, like many places in Europe, fertile ground for ideological, political and social struggles. The great tragedy that will dismember that empire has not yet arrived, but it is just around the corner, and in April, as a premonition of how human arrogance ends, the Titanic sinks and seems to be ending a century.
In this turbulent context, Ephraim Zimmerman, reporter for the social chronicle of the Viennese newspaper Die Menschlichkeit, finds himself, without looking for it, facing some inexplicable murders that will disturb his life: little can he imagine what is behind it and what he is about to discover. The novel Viena, 1912, by Antoni Roca, won the X Agustí Vehí-Vila de Tiana Memorial Prize 2023.

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Viena, 1912

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