What only happens to others

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What only happens to others


CRIMS.CAT (CLANDESTINA),  2024, 332 p. FICTION, Black Novel, Catalan, Spanish (Alrevés)

Author supported by the Ramón Llull Institute, translation grants
The new novel from Barcelona’s master of the Crime Novel. Tricky and revealing of the problems of Barcelona and Catalan society.

Marc Olván is a lawyer in a bad situation, in love and an alcoholic, who is not exactly going through a great time. Lidia Pedralba is a mother desperate because her son is in custody, awaiting trial, accused of raping a four-year-old boy. Pedralba needs a lawyer to take action against Daniel Trujillo, the judge who has sent her son to prison without even hearing him, while at the same time releasing the head of the dangerous Klimovski clan, which has controlled drug and arms trafficking in Barcelona for decades. Olván will be the one chosen to carry out the investigation.
It won’t be easy: in a city that is the scene of the split between the pro-independence parties, this Trujillo thinks he is the master of the world. He and his friends, like Inspector Regueira, dictate sentences and expeditious orders and have a great time at the Racket discotheque, a fashionable nightclub in Barcelona where charming women and extravagant characters meet. Olván becomes deeply involved in the case and witnesses Trujillo’s comings and goings with the Klimovskis and the internal struggles of the clan.

Original Title
Allò que només els passa als altres

Territory of representation
World Wide

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