Sophie Savary Agent Littéraire is an agency based in Montpellier, France, dedicated to authors and publishers from all over the world, particularly Hispanic and French-speaking ones.


Two great news in the agency

From now on JAPAN UNI AGENCY will be our co-agent in Japan.

And the Mexican author David TOSCANA joins the agency as an author represented exclusively in the world. What a source of pride!

I am very happy to announce that I will be representing the Crims.cat collection, which is now part of the new publishing house created in Barcelona, Clandestina.
I have seen the birth of the collection, and the house that previously hosted it, Alrevés, and I have enjoyed a friendly and working relationship with the team for over a decade. Ilya Perdigo and Alex Martín Escribà are true accomplices in the noir mundillo that we frequent. I’m really proud to spread the excellence of the Catalan Noir, Polar and Thrillers genre to the world. Of course, you already know one of the most famous representatives, Andreu Martín, who has trusted me for several years, and you will discover new anthracite pens.
The first titles to be discovered are in the Hot List above, Mariló Alvarez with his very current Suicidis.SA and Lluis Llort, a long-time accomplice, with a slightly older book, Don’t be so sure! And, of course, Andreu Martín’s latest release, The Fourth Girl on the Left, to be devoured at the BCNegra Festival that is being held in Barcelona these days.

You can contact us to arrange a virtual meeting and of course we will meet at the major book fairs and exhibitions when I attend.


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