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You can contact us to arrange a virtual meeting and of course we will meet at the major book fairs and exhibitions when I attend.

WELCOME to ART’MELLA in the agency
We are very proud that this talented comics author has put her trust in us. Armella Leung is an artist, illustrator, animator, curious about life and its mysteries. Passionate about Self-Help, she shares her thoughts along with her investigations and encounters in the form of comic strips. For many years, for this investigation in several volumes, she met with specialists in emotions, researched, read and participated in numerous training courses. Today, she is a regular speaker at conferences. She has written to date a first series of two volumes entitled Philosophical Sweets, a one shot book Allô moi-m’aime? and especially a series on emotions which was a great success, 3 volumes to date, the 4th is in progress.
More about Art’Mella : https://art-mella.com/site/

Article recently published by New Spanish Books in french