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Welcome in the agency to Anaëlle THERY,
We are very proud to welcome in the agency the author of the first book on syntropic agriculture in a temperate environment. This completely new way of conceiving agriculture, of thinking about the relationship between cultivating one’s garden, is spreading like wildfire around the world, raising so much hope for better farming methods that respect the environment. To date, there are only two books in the world on syntropy, including Anaëlle Théry’s Welcome to syntropy! in French.
It’s the first book in France on syntropy, a theory and practice first developed in Brazil, and which today is concomitant with the new ecological thinking that puts the notions of cooperation and adaptability, already found in permaculture, at the centre. Syntropy brings a number of elements to the table, in particular the movement that consists of starting from the simple to create the complex, and in agriculture often starting from almost nothing, from soils and land that are not very fertile, damaged or degraded, to rebuild the soil and agricultural abundance.
It’s a regenerating concept with enormous practical potential. We are at the beginning of an agricultural and ecological revolution, and this book is the only one to date written for temperate environments.
Anaëlle Théry experimented with this syntropic practice in her nursery in the Dordogne, after training with the creators of syntropy. Today, she is continually training groups in syntropic agriculture, who are multiplying the number of places where they operate at an impressive rate. The book is still the medium for these training courses, in France and elsewhere. In New Zealand, for example, syntropic groups have been set up, and in Portugal there are many of them, which is even where the first training courses were held in Europe.
Welcome to syntropy will be released the 16th of March in French by Terre vivante/Joala.

MEDIATOON is our new partner for finding and negotiating audiovisual adaptations for all the agency’s clients.
It’s a Paris-based agency in which we have complete confidence and which is a pleasure to work with.
So, for 2024, audiovisual projects to look forward to: Oh yes!


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