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Óscar GUAL

˵Los novelistas de raza tienen esto : hacen, aunque no se lo propongan, metafísica profunda; esclarecen simbólicamente, partiendo incluso de los elementos más intrascendentes, los problemas clave de los hombres de su tiempo.” Vicente Luis Mora, Quimera.

“Óscar Gual continues to nurture one of the most original worlds in Spanish literature today. On this occasion, his merciless gaze passes seamlessly from journalism to computer science, from economics to self-help, from naturism to contemporary art and architecture, questioning all our collective beliefs through irony and bad language”.
Jorge Carrion

Short listed for the Herralde Prize 2014: The last day of Roger Lobus (2014)

(Almassora-Valencia, 1976)
Óscar Gual is a qualified Computer Engineer and works at the Jaume I University of Castellón. He is the author of a novel quadrilogy entitled Sierpe (name of the invented city where each of the opuses of the quadrilogy takes place), and he is co-author of the short novel Julia’s Heart (Morsa, 2011). His stories have appeared in collected works such as I Hate Barcelona (Melusina, 2008) and You’ll Never Have a House in All Your Fucking Life (Melusina, 2009).

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