Anaëlle Théry (French)

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Anaëlle Théry (French)

(Lives in Dordogne, South West of France)

University-educated in Anthropology and History, children’s books writer, nursery gardener and field experimenter, she was trained in France in 2018 by Ernst Götsch in syntropic agroforestry after years of practice, learning and gardening. She is passionate about education, resilient adaptation to climate change and the search for a just and beneficial human place in living systems.

Anaëlle Théry has been conducting experiments
to adapt syntropy to temperate climates. On her land in the Dordogne (France) she has created no fewer than 25 spaces to test highly productive plant combinations, while responding to the problems of the location: limiting watering and adapting to high temperatures.

Teacher in practical agriculture on her land and gives courses in France, Belgium and Swisserland.

Welcome to syntropy! a practical ecologic book that presents Syntropy in temperate climate zone. The first one in the world!

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