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Art-mella (French)

(Lives in Pyrénées Orientales Country, France)

Armella Leung is an artist, illustrator, animator, curious about life and its mysteries. Passionate about Self-Help, she shares her thoughts as and when her investigations and encounters in the form of comic strips. For many years, for this investigation in several volumes, Art- mella met with specialists in emotions, researched, read and participated in numerous training courses. Today, Armella is a regular speaker at conferences. She has written to date a first series of two volumes entitled Philosophical Sweets, a one shot book Allô moi-m’aime? and especially a series on emotions which was a great success, 3 volumes to date, the 4th is in progress.

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Rights sold
Emotions series : Spanish (Libsa, #1 and #2), English (Summersdale, #1), Japanese (Kanshi, #1)
Philosophical Delights series : Chinese (Metabooks, #1 and #2 )

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