My Season at the Hell

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My Season at the Hell

Gerard GUIX

FANBOOKS, 2021, 276 p. CROSSOVER, Catalan

A story that seems simple at the beginning and ends up taking us into a spiral of facts and emotions that will shake us and reveal the darker side of our society. A novel that echoes an adult novel he wrote ten years ago, Hunting Day, set in the same mountain and snowy village, Vic. For ages 14 and up.

13 years ago, in a mountain village where nothing ever happens, a teenager died during a raid of hunting. In the same village, today, my mother has disappeared at odd circumstances. The two facts, at his way, connect and relate, disturbing this apparently idyllic place: the death of the teenager converted to the black legend of the people, that scares the boys and upsets the adults. The mother’s disappearance to a palpable threat that arouses the most obscure sentiments of the locals.
My name Ricard. Ricky for the friends. Rick for the mum.
This is the story of the losers, formed by persons like you that one day find themselves in an unexpected, unwanted and alarming situation, that happens the most confused week, the sorriest days, the most obscure hours of my life. At very first hour of the morning of a Sunday of February, a couple of mushroom pickers found the mother’s car at the parking of the Hypermarket. It had the door of the open driver wide open but, not inside nor at the surroundings, there was any trail of her.
Just there began my descent into hell

Original Title
La meva temporada a l’infern

Territory of representation
World Wide

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