A Lighthouse at the End of the World

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A Lighthouse at the End of the World

Gerard GUIX

Winner of the most important children’s literature prize in Catalonia: Joaquim Ruyra 2022

Illustrations by Cristina Bueno

ELASTIC BOOKS ( Grup Enciclopèdia ), 2023, 240 p. Teen Novel, Catalan

They say that adolescence is the age of discoveries and anguish. Max knows this well. At the age of fourteen he has just seen how his life takes an unexpected turn: his father has been commissioned to renovate a lighthouse on a remote island and for a few months the whole family will settle there.
Just now that Max was starting to have friends in high school—even though part of the class had been tasked with making him know a word that tortured him—just now that he had begun a special relationship with a girl—even though they hadn’t yet named what they felt for each other—, just now he has to leave everything and start a new life that no one has consulted him if he wanted to.
But Max still doesn’t know that adolescence is also the age of first love, the most intense, which always marks more. And that, when necessary, love moves mountains, crosses continents, oceans if necessary, and finds who to find.

Original Title
Un far al fi del món

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World Wide

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