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Knowing Iran


FÓRCOLA EDICIONES, 2018, 144 p. Non-Fiction, spanish.
Second edition.

New edition of the book Escuchar Irán (Newcastle, 2016) enhanced with articles and photographs.

“Desde mi primer viaje, he vuelto en varias ocasiones y he residido en Shiraz. En cada visita, los iraníes me han mostrado un país diferente. El cambio entre 2005 y 2017 es enorme, al igual que ha sucedido en tantos lugares. Irán es una de las grandes potencias mundiales y, sin embargo, apenas se sabe de ella. Oriente no interesa; Irán, tampoco”. Patricia Almarcegui.

Book eligible for translation grants from the Balearic Islands

Conocer Irán is the story of a trip that Patricia Almarcegui took alone for seven weeks in 2005, but also the compilation of articles written since then, from her repeated travels to the present day. On each trip the Iranians revealed a different country to her. In this book she expresses the impressions she had noted in two notebooks that she informed every day. Transcribing them allowed her to rediscover this past and to witness his own experience as a character. Writing the journey is an intimate act: his way of seeing the places visited, of reflecting on the world is through writing a way of knowing herself as much as of meeting the other, of listening to them.

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Conocer Irán

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