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Gildas Girodeau

Horsain, 2020, first publication, 2018, 292 p. FICTION, Black Novel, french

On a beach near Perpignan, the body of a decapitated man is discovered. Around him, in the sand, there are signs calling out to a young PJ investigator recently posted in the South, a woman called Laurence Guéguen.
“Miguel Cesplugas stopped chewing his meat and stared at it with astonishment. When he saw that she was not joking, the colossus burst out with a thunderous laugh. – It’s my turn not to understand, Miss Guéguen. No one has ever told you about the role of the French in Argentina from the 1950s until the end of the military dictatorships?”.

“After Antonia, Gildas Girodeau once again offers us a superb portrait of a woman… This novel is simply brilliant…”, Pierre faverolle, Blacknovel
“Xangô”: behind this enigmatic title, hides a feverish and ample thriller that takes its roots in the rites of South America and takes us from France to Argentina!” The Passerelles bookshop.

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