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Gildas Girodeau

Horsain, 2022, 246 p. FICTION, Detective Novel, french

When Alfons Duru discovers a decapitated illegal immigrant in his vat of Banyuls wine, his world is swept away by a veritable tsunami. Paul Feder gets involved in the old man’s affairs, comes across mafiosi from La Jonquera, unscrupulous thugs from Collioure, and a not-so-gentleman who organises parties in a château in Saint Jean Lasseille; not forgetting the cliffs of Cap Béar, determined to play their part. He will not avoid the blows, but revenge is also a dish that can be eaten cold.

With Tsunamis we find again the rhythmic atmosphere of Gildas Girodeau, dark but full of humanity. This thriller marks the return of Paul Feder and all the characters of the saga that began in 2005.


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