Destroy Roma

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Destroy Roma

Gildas Girodeau

Rivière blanche, 2019, 220 p. FICTION, medieval fantasy, french

Saga Xavi el Valent #3

Montsegur resisted! But the fight continues. Xavi El Valent and his Katalans are leading the reconquest against the Evil Forces. In disarray, Pope Posel Virt Schneesturm and Seneschal Laguerre asked for help from the terrible Teutonic knights. As for the alien cardinals, they gather their reptilian forces in the eastern deserts. Ready for all-out war. Between betrayals, ambushes, clashes with liches and necromancers, surveillance of enemy lines by goelaks and other joys, the Xavi saga transports us into an original and suspenseful Pyrenean heroic-fantasy. The key to victory is now in Roma, the holy city. For the anti-pop supporters, we must destroy Roma

“Mood, humour and a real sense of epic…” François Rahier, Sud-ouest Dimanche

Original Title
Détruire Rome

Territory of representation
World Wide

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