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Gildas Girodeau

Au-delà du raisonnable, 2015, 250 p.
To be republished, FICTION, Black Novel, french

A brave woman like the Captain, like the Passionaria, like so many who found energy and strength to fight for ideas and for life. It makes us want to follow in her footsteps, it awakens our longing for political and ordinary heroism.
Her name was Antonia.

The press in the ’70s called it the Pistolera. Antonia, a young activist and her friends from the Brigades alert all the carabinieri in Italy. Forced to flee her country, she finds help and hope in a religious congregation that offers her a career in humanitarian action. But two policemen organize a chase that will never leave her alone. In her escape, Antonia is divided between the strength of her political commitments and her impossible love for her cousin Anselme, her healing with whom she does not share the faith, her duty of silence to stay alive, and her impulse to act in the countries she crosses or resides in. In Rwanda, he shouts to warn of the first barbarities in the 90’s, but who listens? Once upon a time, a woman wanted to sound the alarm…

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