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Mònica BATET

Her voice, cold and simple, poetic, arouses beautiful reading emotions. It serves the reflection and construction of universes that remind us of Agota Kristof.

Mònica Batet’s books are eligible for TRANSLATION GRANTS from the RAMÓN LLULL INSTITUTE in Barcelona.

©Alba Rodríguez

(El Pont D’Armentera, Tarragona, 1976)

Writer and professor of Catalan at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona). She has published short stories books, one of which won an award (Premi Just Manuel Casero in 2005) and four novels. The last one written in part in New York where she was offered a writing residency.

Author website : http://www.monicabatet.com/sobre-lautora/?lang=en