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Carlos BASSAS del REY

ALREVÉS editorial,  2018, 240 p. FICTION, Black Novel, spanish

DASHIEL HAMMETT Prize in Black Week Festival in Girón 2019

Justo must be cold, implacable, dispassionate. And to apply it, God decided that each generation should have thirty-six Righteous, the tzadik, anonymous men who maintain the balance between Good and Evil on the face of the Earth. Justo Ledesma is one of them. An irascible old man who runs through the streets of a neighbourhood, that of Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera, which is no longer his own; of a city, Barcelona, which ceased to be so some time ago. A tired man who, aware that his end is near, decides to settle accounts with his past; with a past that returns unexpectedly fifty years later.
Written in a first person with a direct and peculiar style, Justo hides a triple story: that of a life dedicated to a sacred mission, that of revenge and that of nostalgia for a time that is increasingly distant, for streets that are increasingly foreign, for a dying city that bleeds to death, a victim of its own desires, of its own mistakes.

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