What The Future Was

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What The Future Was


CANDAYA,  2022, 288 p. LITERARY FICTION, spanish (Ecuador)

“A luminous and illuminating work, furiously tender” María Bastarós.

What The Future Was is the story of a disintegration, the chronicle of a devastating crisis that threatens a marriage, a house, sanity, and unleashes in the narrator an intimate and profound reflection in which writing and life, landscape and affection, memory and future intersect.
What The Future Was is also the tracing of a family genealogy that incorporates a personal archive: the traces of a past – sometimes luminous, sometimes murky – with which the protagonist tries to give shape to her lineage and reconcile herself with the present. From the recovery of childhood and adolescence to the reconstruction of the shadowy figure of the writer grandfather, this novel explores our relationship with others, with objects, animals and the landscape, focusing especially on the different ways in which we recover life, after those radical breaks that seem to destroy everything.

Javier López Menacho, Coordenadas Literarias, 29 marzo 2022
“Desde un yo indefinido, íntimo, confesional, tierno, autoparódico, sensible, precioso en definitiva, es como Alcívar sigue creando, a fuego lento, una obra personalísima, única en el mejor sentido de la palabra.”

Original Title
Lo que fue el futuro

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World Wide

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