The Book Of Our Absences

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The Book Of Our Absences


CANDAYA,  2022, 464 p. LITERARY FICTION, spanish (Mexico)

A journey through the scenes of the disappeared people in contemporary Mexico.
“Estado Crítico awards in 2022, in its Narrative section, the work by Eduardo Ruiz Sosa El libro de nuestras ausencias (Candaya, 2022). For its daring formula for telling the story of the violence of disappearances in Mexico. For its atrocious lyricism. For maintaining the pain in those who read it and for managing to unite them in the recovery of all the dead of drug trafficking.” Estado Crítico, Crítica literaria diletante.
A totally personal narrative form, similar to a Homeric poem, a long ancient song. Brilliant.

Orsina is a theatre actress who becomes seriously ill. Her disappearance messes up the lives of those around her, especially that of Teoría Ponce and Róldenas, brothers who are heirs to a bankrupt printing press and who devote themselves to searching for her, confronting the atrocious world of the disappeared people. Between attempts to preserve the printing press, theatrical performances and a cast of characters as absurd as they are real, the novel takes us from the violent present to the maddening past of a historical figure marked by delirium and death: José de Gálvez, Visitor General of New Spain, incarnated in an old theatre actor who plays him in the last role of his life.
The book Of Our Absences is a story about the disappearances in the north of Mexico, the violence of drug trafficking, the clandestine graves in the desert and the sierra. A journey of multiple voices and stories, of times that overlap and interweave. It is the intimate story of some absences, of mothers searching for their children, of spaces that have to be transformed in order to continue to exist.

Original Title
El libro de nuestras ausencias

Extract in spanish
English Sample by Will Noah available

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