Siberia, One Year Later

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Siberia, One Year Later


CANDAYA,  2019, 160p. LITERARY FICTION, spanish

The devastating experience of surviving a child. First novel.

Siberia is the writing of a duel that is lived in the body, in the mind and in the language. It is the mourning of a mother who loses her child and leaves the city that has been her home for fifteen years, but it is also the search for the word that expresses, at the same time, the pain of absence and the hunger for light. She explores in her first novel death and desire from a place of extreme vulnerability: that of the experience of loss. Here there is no artifice of narrative order, but rather the moving chaos of a suffering body, which cries out the emptiness within and works a poetic and indomitable word, a language inhabited by fear, guilt and the need for calm. A year later, she experiments with writing after the passage of the crisis. If, in Siberia, what is at stake is the extent of the pain while it is happening, this story wonders what happens when the landscape has apparently returned to calm, even though that calm is still affected by the spasms of horror.

Original Title
Siberia, Un año después

Italian (Unicopli); Audiobooks (Saga-Egmont)

English Sample available with dossier by Sarah Booker

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World Wide

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