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Gabriela PONCE

CANDAYA, 2020, 160 p. LITERARY FICTION, spanish

“A novel of resistance. From body and against the body. One novel that screams…”

In an environment of wild nature and wild relations, the protagonist of Sanguínea enters and leaves caves and bodies, ghostly inhabited or uninhabited spaces, links crossed by loss, denial of the future and despair. Sanguínea is the record of her flow of consciousness and of an intimate crisis: the story of a woman who slips on some skates along abrupt roads and tries to face a drift in love, an unexpected and impossible motherhood and the most painful of detachments. But Sanguínea is also a novel of resistance. Of resistance of the body and against the body. A novel of disturbing revelations. A novel that shouts.

Territory of representation
World Wide

US (Restless Books); Italia (Cencellada); Audiobooks (Saga-Egmont)

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