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CANDAYA, 2020, 144 p. LITERARY FICTION, spanish

What makes a man fall apart when, apparently, nothing has happened? Two years after the break-up with La Rubia and in full post-operative convalescence, the protagonist of this novel suffers an unexpected crisis that cannot be explained, a collapse that buries him in the rubble of disaffection and in the devastating memory of childhood: a persistent echo that, mute to his ears, continues to resonate within.
Amidst hallucinations, memories and ravings, Carlos Frontera tries to narrate that echo in a book that dares to talk about the legacies that annihilate and is governed by a decisive question: how do we survive the collapse of our own history?
Echo is the story of a broken individual, the bloody story of a fracture that leads him to rethink his relationship with himself and with others. During a long convalescence that keeps him locked up in his house, the narrator of this short novel goes over fragments of his past, especially from his childhood and adolescence, fragments that hide a family secret and make us question everything we assume about free will, will and decisions. Echo is a novel about intimate collapses, but it is also a novel about desire: the desire to survive, to escape from confinement, to recover one’s space, to overcome the limits of the body and of personal and family history. Through a fragmentary prose, full of intense images and a singular humour, Carlos Frontera proposes a journey from the immobility of convalescence to the origin of a hurtful memory that has to be recognised and unravelled, in order to be left behind

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