The Echo Of Skin

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The Echo Of Skin

Elia Barceló

ROCA editorial, 2019, 542 pp. FICTION, spanish and catalan.

Ofelia Arráez founded an international fashion empire the size of Zara’s. Sandra, who is in her late twenties, is chosen to write her biography. These are the two protagonists of Elia Barceló’s new novel. Ofelia, who had been born in 1918, has recently passed away. Ofelia’s husband died under mysterious circumstances in 1955. But Ofelia went on with their business, with the help of her handmaid. In 1941 she gave birth to her only son, Luis, who now, in 2016, hires Sandra to tell Ofelia’s „true“ story. But how can we know it is true? What does Sandra find out and what does Luis want to hear? Masterfully, Elia Barceló guides us through a plot full of twists and turns, unexpected revelations, murder and love affairs. We see „El eco de la piel“ as the culmination of the author’s masterful skill for writing mystery novels and family sagas for upmarket lists, with a clearly female readership.

Original title
El eco de la piel

Foreign rights sold
Catalan (Roca)

Territory of representation
French language

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